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Hagerty Employee

Wrenchin' Wednesday: Using rubber hoses to protect tight-fitting parts

Cars are flippin' dangerous, especially old ones, when you consider that they were produced at a time when "safety-third" was the rule, not the joke. One of the many ways to injure yourself is by a rough-cut edge protruding out like a janky razor blade—worse, abrasion between two parts on the vehicle can quickly wear through them and cause failure, and it seems nothing is more prone to this than rubber lines. Today's Wrenchin' Wednesday will show you how to turn your scrap hose into productive pieces in your vehicle build, while simultaneously preventing any accidental leakage, from both man and machine.


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We've been doing this for years as well, and have found another way to do it. Rolls of  self-adhesive door edge guard are available on eBay quite inexpensively, and the better varieties will use genuine 3M adhesive. It will outlast vacuum tubing and stays put (clean the affected areas thoroughly!) until you want it to come off. Regarding the radiator hose/frame interference, we  will custom-cut a clean piece of exhaust tubing and zip tie that to the hose as a protective shield. Paint it flat black and you won't see it.