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Wrenchin’ Wednesday: three ways to snake a bolt into an impossible spot

Sometimes you’re left swearing at the person who designed your car, scrambling to understand the logic of why the bolt had to go there. Yes, there, deep between a rock and a hard place — or more accurately, the engine and frame rail, or any number of impossibly tight squeezes. We’ve got three quick ways to make life easier when shooting into the abyss of any project:


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Commonally when you are trying to get a nut to go on a buried stud it gets pushed to the back of the socket and you cannot see if it is centered on the stud to get it started  or a short bolt that is not much longer than the socket is deep creates the same problem. To easily solve this I keep around some foam left over from a parts package. Use a utility knife to carve off a small piece to fit in the socket to make up the gap. The nut is now located right in the front of the socket and the end of the short bolt can be seen so you can guide it to get it started. The foam crumbles easily so it  does not impede tightening and the little crumbles often times provide  enough friction to hold the bolt or nut in place. A little dab of grease will do the trick if it doesn't.

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