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Wrenchin’ Wednesday: Three ways to find THAT sound

We’ve all heard it: that sound that just doesn’t match any sample in your head. It seems to come and go on a whim—maybe if everything else was a little bit quieter it would be obvious what’s crying for help beneath the mechanical symphony created by a running engine.


That’s where today’s Wrenchin’ Wednesday comes into play. Here are three different ways to diagnose noises and discover problems before they escalate into catastrophic failures.


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My bodyman's son is in the Air Force and works in the ground crew for C-5 Galaxy transports. The Air Force was ready to ground all the C-5s because the nose wheels were locking up and they didn't know why- but it was dangerous. This young man who grew up working on cars showed them how to jack up the nose wheels and spin them while holding a screwdriver to the hub and to his ear, thus verifying that it had a bad wheel bearing. The hi-tech experts were dumbfounded at this "revelation" and he got an award for saving the taxpayers who-knows how much money. Sometimes the old fashioned basics are the best as mentioned above.

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