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Wrenchin' Wednesday: Sharp sheetmetal edges without a brake | Hagerty Media

When you're starting out, metalwork seems like a tricky skill to get into without the right tools on hand. There's a plethora of industrial-grade metal manipulators that stand tall like redwoods in a shop; but, as you can guess, we're going to ignore all of them and work around them with a basic bench setup.

The DIY method works well, particularly if you're only making one part, but if you plan on making repeatable, accurate bends (without hammer marks), it makes more sense to use an inexpensive sheet metal brake with fixtures. You can get a cheap brake at Harbor Freight for less than $50 that can work with light gauge steel and aluminum. The problem is that if you want to work with heavier gauge metal, the step up to industrial-grade brakes is about $400.

If the hammer marks are a problem/un-wanted, cover the piece of metal with a heavy cloth or piece of material & strike much LESS often, with a much HEAVIER hammer.