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Hagerty Employee

Wrenchin' Wednesday: Roller jig for a long-term bodywork project | Hagerty Media

Some portions of a project can't be finished in a weekend, and they often can't sit in the middle of your workspace 24/7 either. In a previous installment of Wrenchin' Wednesday, we built a simple tool for lifting truck cabs with an engine hoist.
Intermediate Driver

I built something very much like that. I did use a higher rated wheels, I found that for just a few dollars (at that national tool store) more I got much heavier duty great.
New Driver

Absolutely correct with the trick to a successful restoration being convenience. Most of us have to operate in a small garage at home. Anything you can do to make that small space work for you over a long period of time is key. If not you’ll loose interest as too much time is spent setting up every day.
I’ve done restorations in garages I’ve owned from a single to my current triple. Keeping organized is so important. Can stress it enough.
Advanced Driver

Great idea but have you priced wood needed to build this lately? I think they're even charging for used wood. Just being facetious. But seriously, wood pallets with casters might also be an option. They come in various sizes & capacities and are quite often free from businesses that receive bulk shipments.