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Hagerty Employee

Wrenchin' Wednesday: Power brushing with pipe cleaners | Hagerty Media

Cleaning automotive components can be tricky work. With all the passages and ports in even the most basic combustion engine, getting a thorough swipe at every nook and cranny can be impossible by hand. Especially when rebuilding an engine, it's vital to work out every bit of nastiness before reassembly, and today's Wrenchin' Wednesday will [...]
Advanced Driver

Gee, and I thought this going to be about the little tobacco-pipe cleaners, (though they have their uses too.)
One other thing about that twisted-wire shaft: don't let it get even the slightest bend in it, or your whole arrangement might start to flop about.
Great stuff, Phillip!
Intermediate Driver

Cool! But wait, where does one find pipe cleaners these days where smoking is banned everywhere in the U.S. and pipe smoking is even rarer?