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Wrenchin' Wednesday: Perfecting the almost-perfect giant drain pan | Hagerty Media

One of my favorite tools around the shop is a pair of Eagle spill containment platforms, each measuring roughly 2.5 by 4.5 feet. They're made for keeping oil drum drippings contained, but for doing messy jobs like radiators and transmissions, they catch those trickier fluid messes and can hold practically the entire vehicle's fluid capacity in just one platform with its 30-gallon limit.
Intermediate Driver

A cheaper option is a concrete mixing tub.

If you have a fireplace or otherwise burn wood, save and sift the COLD ashes. Wood ash makes a great liquid sucker-upper in the event of a spill. Keep it in a paper shopping bag until needed, and shake it out when there's wetness underfoot. Dispose of the used ash in accordance with local regulations.

I like the one on wheels U roll under while on the lift. Slid up the catcher to elbow hight. Filter goes on 1 side to drain on its way to the recycle, bung from pan goes on the edge to wait. No splash no spills, roll back to its usual corner when done. Drain into the 55 after dozens more changes or now...