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Hagerty Employee

Wrenchin' Wednesday: Lassoing engine plumbing for tricky territory

Plumbing lines around an engine can be tricky business. The jungle under the hood is layered in parts, making access to certain spaces nearly impossible without spinning out a million bolts and pulling a dozen things to get to that one hose.
Intermediate Driver

Great tip for engine plumbing and any car wiring for that matter. Noting the "wall fish" mention, an electrician's fish tape is a handy tool to use in the shop as well if you are pulling new wire and don't have the old wire or hose for the first step.

One last mention, "snakeable" remote camera/monitors can really earn their keep for this type of task as well. If you hit an obstruction along a blind path a lot of times you can snake the camera in to see if there is a better route, or if it just needs a bit more of a tug, before you break anything... they are also fairly reasonably priced now too. They aren't just for looking in spark plug holes!

Good job and great description. Sometime the most lowly method outstrips them all! Keep churning out the clever ideas.
New Driver

I have even used this trick to install timing chains on motorcycles that use a smaller version of a bicycle chain (and has to go through tunnels) without disassembling the bottom end. The torsion bar sprung DOHC Honda CB450 motor suggests it in right the manual.

I've also used a hose-clamp to attach the rope (or twine, or wire.)