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Hagerty Employee

Wrenchin' Wednesday: Breathing easy with running vehicles indoors | Hagerty Media

Working indoors is a luxury that comes with its own risks, especially if you've gotta keep the machine running while it's maybe snowier than a mid-January Hoth or raining sideways with hamster-sized hail. If you've spent time around a nicer repair shop or most any modern dealership, you'll be acquainted with some system of keeping [...]
Intermediate Driver

I sell flexible ducting to commercial vehicle exhaust OEMs. I suggest that a 6x4 reducer be attached to the exhaust tip and an extraction fan be attached to the end so it draws ambient air with the exhaust fumes.

These are the products I sell:
Intermediate Driver

By extension could you rig up a smaller configuration to run your small backup generator in the garage? That would be a boon to folks in the southeast during hurricane season. But I don't know, sounds like a recipe for disaster.

How about vacuum cleaner hose from a discarded vacuum? A tighter fit at the tailpipe and a smaller exit from the building.

Exhausted gas is hot, and expanding. Specially if the car is CAT equipped. Don’t do it with vacuum cleaner hose!
Pit Crew

Absolutely not -- all-metal ducting only, I wouldn't even bother with the insulated ones for dryers.
New Driver

I like it!  nice and simple - do like JohnGalt suggestion on a reducer....  I was thinking of some sort of flame/heat proof packing between the exhaust and extension....  Wonder how long this can be before back pressure is an issue...

Pit Crew

You didn't give me much to work with in the way of vehicle ID, but I'm going to guess its some form of GMT400 with the 6.5l Detroit Diesel - am I correct...?

Intermediate Driver

If I was to do this there would have to be a couple of carbon monoxide sensors in the garage. This stuff is deadly!