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Would adding a stick-shift help you love an EV?

Like it or lump it, cars and trucks powered by solely electric motors and batteries are inevitable. While it will be decades before gas pumps go dry, all of us will surely own electrics during our lifetime. Look at the bright side: snappy response attributable to an electric motor’s instant torque, a low center of gravity, no tailpipes to spew pollutants, and fewer parts and systems to maintain. The most annoying pothole on this road to the future is the loss of more than pistons and basso exhaust pipes. Every electric thus far has dispatched our beloved clutch pedals and stick shifters to the retirement home.


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Replies (2)

Replies (2)

Driver engagement with the road and the drive is where EVs currently fall flat. A manual gearbox, agile handling and the instant torque should be combined to make driving a visceral experience again. Until then EVs are minicabs to the future and we're all just passengers paying the fee. 


I am a single issue voter on Manual Transmissions, so I would say that this would make it more likely that I’d really look at an EV as a full replacement for driving fun. As good and as fast as they can be, there is that element missing for me, which is fairness, is missing for me and why I won’t buy an auto

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