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Hagerty Employee

Without Toby Halicki, 2000’s “Gone in 60 Seconds” was always doomed to disappoint

Movie remakes are, to put it mildly, a controversial enterprise. While there’s always a sense of duty to repackage old tales into contemporary packages, we’ve all noticed a unique phenomenon in film where a relatively fresh story will be “remade” just a few decades after the original picture. The problem with this approach and unlike, say, Disney reformatting centuries-old story books into motion pictures, is that it creates a certain expectation of what the final result should look like.


The 2000 version Gone in 60 Seconds drew ire from die-hard fans of the original film, which was something of a cinematic marvel when it was released in 1974. Read the full article on 

Hagerty Employee

Fascinating read Phillip! Autuers like Halicki are certainly a breed of their own.

Intermediate Driver

I always enjoy reading about the behind the scenes events that produce things which have a cultural impact. I saw the original movie in the theater, and upon leaving, it seemed that almost everyone had to burn a little rubber leaving!  I've seen it several times since, and always enjoy watching it. I saw the re-make and was not impressed. Anytime that I see the title listed in a TV guide, I always check to see if (hoping that) the original is going to be shown, only to be disappointed. No one could re-create the "genius" of Toby Haliicki! 🙂

Intermediate Driver

it was boring

Intermediate Driver

it was boring

Intermediate Driver

I learned about these films at a local Junk Yard that had and still has a poster for Junk Man hanging on the wall. In an ironic twist the owner's brother actually writes for film.  I found both Gone in 60 seconds and The Junk Man interesting, but no better or worse than Ron Howard's Grand Theft Auto or the movie Used Cars that came out around the same time. Good for a couple of hours of fun.


Great reading. I saw Gone in 60 seconds the day it was released and have enjoyed watching it many times. I actually flew RC Planes with the Birds RC club so it also meant a lot to see my friends in the movie. Thanks for the story. **bleep** Russ


Our radio station in Greensboro, NC co-promoted the showing of the original "Gone in 60 Seconds." Toby Halicki was there for on-air interviews and meet-and-greets at the theater. He also issued a challenge to anyone that would bring a street legal vehicle that he couldn't unlock within 60 seconds. No one won the big prize, although a foreign truck took him :58 seconds. A master of the dramatic, he was an awesome dude.

Pit Crew

Do you mean the article, or your life?
New Driver

I saw Gone in 60 seconds in Denver when it first came out. It was an incredible chase sene. I have the original movie on a VHS tape. In its’ day the movie was action packed. In todays world the acting was poor and the plot was weak. It had one of the longest chase scenes. The original Gone in 60 Seconds and Vanishing Point are true classics of their era.