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Without Toby Halicki, 2000’s “Gone in 60 Seconds” was always doomed to disappoint

Movie remakes are, to put it mildly, a controversial enterprise. While there’s always a sense of duty to repackage old tales into contemporary packages, we’ve all noticed a unique phenomenon in film where a relatively fresh story will be “remade” just a few decades after the original picture. The problem with this approach and unlike, say, Disney reformatting centuries-old story books into motion pictures, is that it creates a certain expectation of what the final result should look like.


The 2000 version Gone in 60 Seconds drew ire from die-hard fans of the original film, which was something of a cinematic marvel when it was released in 1974. Read the full article on 

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I've wondered for awhile if the modern "Eleanors" would be such a resale thing if they had used a 1973 (last of the Mustangs... as per original movie) in the remake.