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With the ’69 Pontiac Grand Prix, John DeLorean defined personal luxury muscle

On page 205 of Pontiac ad man Jim Wangers’ memoir, Glory Days, there’s a black and white photo of John Z. DeLorean at perhaps the height of his powers. It’s fall 1968, and Pontiac’s general manager is standing between two factory-fresh examples of his latest creation, the 1969 Pontiac Grand Prix.


The caption reads, “The 1969 Grand Prix was truly DeLorean’s car, with a little help from marketing researcher Ben Harrison, who suggested converting the full-size Grand Prix to the smaller A-body sedan chassis. It was an immediate success and became the image leader for all personal luxury coupes. In an era of excess, the 1969 Grand Prix could brag about having the longest hood in the industry.”


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This is the size of platform that the 71-73 boat tail rivieras should have been built on.

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