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With microcars on the rise, weird and wacky is the name of the game | Hagerty Media

"Bubble cars" is the name given to those diminutive transportation devices that emerged from the ruins of postwar Germany. Companies such as BMW and Messerschmitt were forbidden from manufacturing airplanes and aero engines, so they turned to building miniature cars that were basically enclosed scooters.

I can speak to the fun of a 2CV, and I'm definitely not a boomer. 😉

Longest road trip under our belt is about four hours, and who needs more than 29hp anyway. It's actually a great daily driver when the weather is nice and the wife and kids are out of town.

Plus, it gets gas mileage that's a factor of almost five times better than my GM muscle and luxury cars. Because mileage is the real reason for owning a vintage car, right? 😉
Intermediate Driver

STill not worth the money they're bringing these days. I'd rather enjoy a much more affordable MG Midget, which is also a much better driving/handling car if you want something tiny. For small car with performance, maybe even a Honda S2000. What are the really early CVCC's bringing these days?
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Not to forget the Zündapp Janus with back to back seating 🙂 Designed by Claudius Dornier and named Janus for the Roman god who faced both ways. Google the images for this, they are fun to look at. When I was a child growing up countryside in Germany, some of these cars were still on the road. And as sad side note - an older grade school teacher of mine drowned in an Isetta after driving it head on into an irrigation ditch during a parking attempt, not being able to open the front door 😞
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Cant beat the mini IMO.Great style and handling is a winner for now and the future.

If you're ever in the Thousand Oaks, CA area you should try to see the
Malamut Vintage Car Museum
1121 Lawrence Dr, Thousand Oaks, CA 91320

Lots of "Bubble Cars" here, lots of other great cars as well as memorabilia!

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If you want to experience more Microcars, come to the Micro/Mini Car World Meet 2021 at the Gilmore Car Museum June 19, 2021. The last World Meet featured over 250 Micro and Mini cars. Leading up to the Meet, there is a five day, 500 mile tour of 5 great car museums road trip starting at the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville and ending in Kalamazoo. There is going to be a "Preview Event" in downtown Kalamazoo on Friday night. For all the details go to
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I can attest to the fun of owning a microcar. My car was a 1960 Goggomobil TS-400 coupe, which looked sorta like a shrunken Alfa Romeo Giulietta. Parts were remarkably easy to get (from Germany) and it was simple enough even for an inexperienced backyard mechanic. Pretty reliable too. And universally got smiles everywhere and conversations struck up wherever I drove.
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A guy I knew in elementary school came into my uncle's gas station about 6 years later in the mid 60's. I happened to be there when he came in and he had one of the Issetas. He said it was great on gas, but the thing he hated was the 10 year old kids on bikes that would accelerate faster than him when a light would turn green. He weighed about 200 lbs

They are all adorable. I'm sure lots of fun and enjoyment. I've never owned one among all the cars I've owned, but for those owners, bless you, and enjoy.
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More wild and wacky cars... when in Nashville, The Lane Motor Museum!
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Back in the 60's my dad owned a Fiat 500 with suicide doors that you could fold flat against the body of the car (180 degree swing). I remember a lever between the seats that would actually start the motor.
Advanced Driver

Today, a1960 BMW Isetta 600 sold on BAT for $72,000! (IMO)If that isn't wacky, then I don't know what is, LOL!! 🙂

Looks like I'm the first to mention Peel P50!

No Reverse gear! Just pick up the back by the handy carrying handle and turn it around. Made in Isle of Man. Neat lil car!