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With a one-ton roof rack, your Hummer can tote around this adorable Nissan

Overlanding is all the rage these days. For those not familiar with overlanding, it’s basically hiking, but with a car. Not just any car, of course. For proper overlanding one needs a specifically prepared 4×4 vehicle. That obviously doesn’t just happen overnight.

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Replies (5)

Replies (5)

Love the juxtaposition! This story reminds me of moving cross-country in a Nissan Xterra. Combined the Roof-Rack with a trailer-hitch tray to stack that truck up with my whole life in it. Made it from Philly to SF with no troubles at all! Not quite a kei-carrier like the Hummer but roof storage is great! 


When you average a Figaro and a Hummer, you get a regular car. True story. 


This is how you do a road trip!


Heck of a roof rack!


That is an escape vehicle!

Hagerty Employee