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Hagerty Employee

Winning a Woodward drag race in the world's worst Ford GT | Hagerty Media

It's never a good idea to peak too soon. This 2017 Ford GT (serial H984) was once a superstar, sneering at the world from the pages of the Los Angeles Times and sitting patiently in front of a camera, while John Davis told MotorWeek viewers about the "bold decision to just name your car...
New Driver

You know these influencers you mentioned and all the idiots that got to drive this car that never even knew the history about this car or that it even won Le-Mans annoys me— I even watch the movie! What was introduced on Gran Turismo one lol.
But I guess the closest I will have is the experience in a Ferrari 488 GTB in Miami.
Would love to ride but really drive my dream car— even if it is a V-6!
New Driver

Annoyed I can’t edit and fix my grammar—sigh… I blame Siri! Lol