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Hagerty Employee

Will the UK government ban new gas and diesel cars in 2030?

Few industries have endured a ride as bumpy as the car industry. It could be on the verge of another setback, after reports claimed the UK government intends to bring forward the date that new gas and diesel cars will be banned from showrooms to 2030 ... Read the full news on


Intermediate Driver

My opinion of EV's is one of ecological damage that's simply moved out of sight - kind of like the making of sausage, if you get the drift. Rare-earth batteries require extensive strip-mining, create a time-bomb of disposal problems, and regardless of how much a country is using wind and solar, EV's are going to require an increase in the electrical grid that's going to end up coming from expanding carbon-based fuel. Add in that a nationwide grid of EV fueling points require an unthinkable amount of buried copper. Many electric drivers are thinking they're running on electricity when in fact they're just burning coal, or using up the green capacity and forcing someone else to use coal. Unless the UK starts expanding nuclear, switching to EV's won't accomplish what's advertised. Their locally-based emissions might look good, but the overall ecology involved with the battery production and transportation, and shorter vehicle life-spans all have to be accounted for. Green energy fans will have to grapple with the problems raised by Michael Moore's "Planet of the Humans" before convincing me that this path leads to any kind of utopia.


I said it.

Please don't anyone blow a gasket.