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Will Paul Walker’s classic ’69 Mustang be a Boss at auction?

Paul Walker is the new Steve McQueen of auto auctions—on a much lesser scale, of course—in that his name carries a lot of clout when his vehicles cross the block. Look no further than January 2020, when 21 of Walker’s cars and motorcycles sold for $2.33 million at Barrett-Jackson’s Scottsdale Auction.


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Replies (11)

Replies (11)

In the 60's Steve McQueen was the King of Cool, no question, he had a troubled youth and spent a lot of time in reform schools which may have helped chisel some of his persona.

Paul Walker is idolized in the current generation, and most likely there will be someone else in the next generation to come.

I would like to add an important differentiating factor.  Paul was a philanthropist.  He personally formed "Reach Out Worldwide" .    Its things like this that may continue his legacy in generations to come.


I believe what avideo is referring to in the engine compartment of the Boss are the belt-driven A.I.R. pump  and the power steering pump.  Boss 429 and Boss 302 models were not offered with factory a/c.

Pit Crew

Regardless of who owned it, it is one desirable B9.

New Driver

No doubt Paul Walker was loved by many and hadent as an actor.  Im not sure Walker was the consummate car guy before F&F made him into one.

McQueen on the other hand took his love for Bikes & Cars and tried to find ways to get it onto the big screen.

McQueen rode many bike brands,  but my fondness of his legacy lies in his love for Husqvarna's out in the desert.

 Of coarse his love for automobiles turned out to be bigger too me once I was @an age which I could drive a fast car myself.  The Boss 429 shows much more taste in the eyes of anyone born in the 50s or 60s.  As the 250hp max effort 4cyl cars of the F&F franchise do little to nothing for most of us who grew up w/V8 powered cars of nearly any

make/model.  That said,  the Boss 9 is truely a McQueen "style" car,  as nothing short of a Hemmroid Cuda rivals it in true on street performance.   When they did the muscle car competition on 1 of the TV cable shows,  using many categories,  it came down to the Boss 9 and the 454 Chevelle if I recall correctly.   The last of many contest's was the "burnout". 


Athough the Boss had the best 1/4 mile time of all, cars tested,   the Chevelle

( or the GTO Big Blk Judge, cant fully recall now)

scored better in either slalom/braking, or both.  But the Top loader and the +- real 500 ft lbs of torque of the "Shotgun",  along w/the C/R Toploader 4 spd,  had outdone the other beautiful cars in that final event, as the judges said no Real muscle car is credible w/o a quality tire roasting show.

Im not gonna try to compare the 2,  as I hav respect for both in there acting skills.  But when it comes to true race driver talent,  yrs of motorcycle prowess,  and also philanthropy ( as McQueen gave bk to his childhood boys home on many occasions,   therecis NO COMPARISON between these 2 genuine car guys.  Steve has that title hands down.... but you will never convince the kids who love to watch the F&F characters literally fly thru the air outside an automobile threw the air over 4 lanes of hwy,  that what they are watchibg is just a different version of a Marvel's own Superhero franchises.

You would never see McQueen doing things that only Iron man could survive in a fantasy world.   Paul was as close as the kids today will get to Steve.  And so they can only see him as the real car guy of there generation.   Steve made cars/bikes apart of his movies.

Paul made his movie car guy persona apart of his everyday life w/the big paychecks from F&F.  If Steve had Walkers money in his day,  he'd likely burn his own.  Just as what Babe Ruth made in $$$ w/ not realky compare to Barry or Big Mac.

Just as the Boss 429 was deemed the ultimate Muscle car overall,  so is Steve McQueen dubbed the ultimate car guy who acted for a living.  James Dean,  besides his horrible accident in his Porsche,   wasnt much of a car guy,  but was considered extremely cool.

Maybe even cooler than Steve to many,  who lived to enjoy both talents.

Paul is still a wonderful person and will be known as a car guy.  But you would never hav seen him on a 400cc WR Husky riding a wheelie across the Mohave,   structly for fun...not for the paparazzi or the photo chute.


Who was possibly as much ir more a racer than Steve.  Paul played the part in real life once F&F personified him as a car nut.  Which many people, not just WALKER,   who get a bank account full of expendable cash,  buy up Barrett & Mecum quality cars once they can afford them.  The fact Paul met his horribly unfortunate demise in a fast car cements his legacy,  in an unfortunate way.

Will Ford Motor Company,   or more suitable, BMW or Subaru,   build Paul Walker tribute cars over the next few decades?  Who knows. 

 We do know there hav been 3 generations of Steve McQueen Bullitt mustangs and other variats from Steeda involving his kids.  Walkers family is/was trying to sue the car manufacturers and the other involved people, as related to his death by auto accident,  for more money than they already were getting from his both his legacy ,  policys of insurance,  and future royalties from past franchise revenue.  That sorta turns off manufacturers from wanting to memorialize a man by solidification of his legacy thru a tribute production car,  I think we all could agree.

Paul wasnt a poser.  But Steve was so far from it,  he would piss icecubes cuz he was so cool on a bike or in a car,  doing as much driving as he could con his way into via studio and directors allowances.  He was the real deal.

But kids today will think Paul drove his own cars in many scenes involving standard stunt talent.  Maybe he would have if insurance would hav allowed.

Steve likely would hav walked off the set if he didnt get his way on at least some car stunt driving.  Why?  Cuz driving fast was more important to him than the movie making process. 

F&F is entertaining,   but far from reality.

Rest in peace all those mentioned here.

You are all deserving of your love of fast machinery. 

Nuff said

New Driver

Seven Figures......

New Driver

So,said vehicle could be valued at say 25 grand,but a certain human once owned it,now it's worth 2 million? It's the same car....never understood this.

New Driver

So you can have said car valued at say 25 grand,but,a certain human owned it and now it's worth  2 million? Never understood that,it's the same **bleep** car

New Driver

A very original car with low miles and owned by a newly deceased celebrity as well. And as the owner of a 1969 Shelby GT350 - I also spotted an original factory AC compressor in the engine compartment -making this car even more rare; since I doubt many cars like this were equipped with AC. 

     If this car doesn't set a record for it's type I will be very surprised. Oh and even as an old fart now in my mid-70s, I do enjoy the "Fast and Furious" Films. They aren't just for the younger generation. 

Pit Crew

These could well be the least intelligent posts of the last year or two. Who gives a **bleep**??  I'm unfamiliar with  Paul's work.  That doesn't mean I have anything against him. I'm very familiar with THE KING OF COOL, and enjoyed his work. That doesn't mean he was a giant among Men.

This whole deal reminds me of the "Which are you a Chevy or Ford man?" question. There is know answer. Unless your a MOPAR guy.

Wake up and enjoy both of these guys. 


Pit Crew

This is absurd. I am not a fan of auctions nor Fast and Furious movies, although I've seen a few to find out what all the noise was about. The kids need to grow up.

Intermediate Driver

Ridiculous, Paul Walker is/was no Steve McQueen and 5 years from now no one will even remember who he was.....a premium for a nobody?