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Hagerty Employee

Will it make production? Details of the 2020 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Concept

You can read more about the Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer Concept here, but the question remains: What design elements of this concept are likely to make production? After attending the Jeep Design team’s virtual conference, we had the chance to peer into the product pipeline crystal ball and make some educated-ish guesses as to how the production Grand Wagoneer shall reach the rarified luxury 4×4 air its predecessor nearly monopolized decades ago.


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Intermediate Driver

Because of the cool reception it seemed to be getting I was thinking they'd take it back and make some changes. But I think you've pretty well convinced me this is probably what it'll be. Minus the passenger screen and Sable-light bar in front.

It's worth remembering the last gen Wagoneer was yesterday's technology at today's prices. It was practically agricultural compared to other vehicles at the time. Very Range Rover-esq in that sense. So that this new one seems underwhelming and overpriced is on brand for the Wagoneer name.


I have a mild obsession with noticing modern cars with body-colored b-pillars. Toyota seemed to be the last real holdout on a few vehicles until fairly recently.

Community Manager

Considering the Porsche Taycan has a passenger screen, this is likely to be an option on some top level tech package.  Gotta have something flashy, unique and somewhat pointless at this price point.