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Hagerty Employee

Will General Motors bring back the long-absent Suburban HD?

For most of the past decade, there has been no heavy-duty option for SUV buyers who want a Suburban’s seating capacity with the towing grunt of a proper work truck. With the end of the GMT-900 generation (2007–14), GM retired its 2500-series of Suburbans and Yukons, and the monolithic eight-lug SUVs burbled off into the sunset without a replacement from the GMT-K2 (2014–20) trucks. Sure, you could special-order the fleet-exclusive “3500HD” K2-generation SUV, but it was out of reach for most of the public.


We’ve gotten a hint from GM that a heavy-duty Suburban could make a comeback ...


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Hagerty Employee

I would love to see them come back. We had 2500 Suburbans when I was growing up and they are phenomenal trucks. If they bring it back, they need to offer the Duramax, that's the biggest gripe I've heard about the post GMT400 style Suburbans.