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Will electric powertrains bring more creative production cars?

While researching a different story, I came across this kitschy EV concept called the Nobe 100, a retrofuturistic three-wheeler that perfectly captures the quirky details of what we love about so many classic cars. The Nobe stood out from the myriad of faux-futuristic pods typically seen in this segment thanks to its looks, borrowing heavily on the family traits of a 1960s Alfa, Saab, or BMW.


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Replies (2)

Replies (2)

I'm interested in the VW electirc manx-style concept. Totally unsuited to my environment and intended use but I love the idea of it.


I hope the EV wave does inspired varied design... so far it is mostly iPhone crossed with usual boring crossover/sedan jellybean for production and sci-fi movie cars for things we may never actually see on the roads.


Take Tesla for example, early roadster has style. The cheaper sedan and crossover look like a slightly rounder GM product with a panel over the grill opening... Cybertruck is different but it isn't real yet.


If everything ends up looking like Cybertruck that is a fail too. Variety please.


A recurring segment on classic Top Gear was the small-volume-production supercar, by manufacturers such as Gumpert, Wiesmann, Noble, and Spyker. The review would always talk about how beautiful the car was, and how special it felt to drive, but ultimately you should just buy a Lamborghini because the microbrew supercar was built by a bunch of blokes in a shed. Now, we're gonna lose a lot to the EV revolution. But the promise of being able to buy cool cars without their survival being beholden to the Jim Hacketts of the world is exciting.


An aside: the restomod, pioneered by builders like Singer and ICON, has succeeded where the microbrew supercar didn't because they are building on already-existing symbols. Restomodders can wholly reinvent the car to where the only thing the restomod shares with the original is the body, much like a touring car. But to our eyes, it's still a 911, or a Land Cruiser, and thus recalls all the emotions of those cars.

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