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Hagerty Employee

Will drive-in movie theaters soon provide Americans a much-needed night out?

A nostalgic staple of 1950s–60s America might provide a valuable escape from the current stay-at-home situation if U.S. officials allow it. Read the full article on

Pit Crew

Definitely! Can't wait to take the kids to for their first drive-in movie. Drive up experiences are having their day in the sun again...we hit up the A&W in Frankfort, MI and it was packed last weekend, with several classics showing up. 

Advanced Driver

This is one of only five drive ins currently operational in Georgia. It sports six screens and also functions as a flea market as well.  (see link)

New Driver

Sure hope so.  Spent many a night at one.  Hopefully food is better or bring your own.  Here we need car coolers as it is too hot in summer without one.


Is there any talk about doing same in Western Canada? Would love to go in my 56 M100 or my Bucket Tee!!

Our "esteemed" guv'ner doesn't seem to know the difference between a drive-in theater, or a multiplex Emagine one. Canterbury Village in Orion Twp. had arranged to set up a parking lot one, with all due cautions, but were told outright, that it violates her executive orders. This violates common sense and responsibility. It is far less dangerous than the Kroger or COSTCO, parking lots! I think it is time the legislature rein her in. She has refused to work with them at all, while going on national TV defending her arbitrary and capricious decisions. For example, she allowed pot shops to open but not landscapers.
My only question about them are restroom facilities. No food concessions are likely out, too.


Yes its never going to be safer than being in your own car.

yes for drive-ins


Not in Michigan our dictator governor shut one down already

Intermediate Driver

I’m 53 and I been a gearhead long before I got my license the day I turned 16.  I have never been to a drive-in theatre nor have I seen one that was operational anywhere I have lived in PA, DE, NYC and now NJ.  I’ve seen a closed one from outside the gates when I was high school.  I would love to take my classic car to one of these things (or anywhere else at this point).  Where do I sign up?!  To me it would be like getting to participate in cruise night on American Graffiti or going to the Woodward Dream cruise.  Perhaps I’m glorifying it too much from car movies but it seems like fun.  I don’t really care about the ticket prices since I paid $20 for just about every car show I went to last year on Saturdays and Sundays.


I really don't think you are over-glorifying the drive-in movie experience.  There were quite a few of them around here when I was a kid, teen, and even young adult with kids of my own.  Other than some obnoxious people (that you can find anywhere) and possibly a little dust on the car afterward, I honestly can't remember a bad experience at any one of the hundreds of times I attended shows at them.  There is only one left in our valley now, and it's about an hour's drive to get there.  But despite the fact that I'm usually ready for bed at 9 p.m. nowadays, we still sneak over there for a special night now and then - and ALWAYS in our classic car.  Although I'm tempted to go in the pickup with chairs in the bed, and park backwards like in the old days.  I'm just afraid I'll fall asleep in the chair, and either be eaten alive by mosquitos in the night, or wake up to find that someone stripped me naked while I slept, stole my truck keys, and the sun is just coming up...


I never figured out the 'death' of Drive-In Theaters.

just Greed at its best.

Property values / land at valuation '$' per square foot.

? How many Condo's can I put on that piece of ground.


Why keep something that has been around, and a Icon of family weekend night at the movies, together in your car.

This isn't just a 'American' night out.

I know Australia had them, growing up there.

Hagerty Fan
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Great read Jeff Peek and a walk down memory lane and the pics wow thats the way it was movie/car show/girl show a real outing in the area I grew up there were many now as far as I know just one still operational now and in the area we currently live none its absolutely a venue I would attend fingers crossed that this recent plague stirs some to life Iam not sure whether or when I will attend a indoor theatre again.R