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Hagerty Employee

Why this rare Alvis Speed 25 is a pre-war star of the Bonhams May auction

Every now and again in a car enthusiast’s life, there comes a time when you long for something different. A few years ago, I was challenged by The Sunday Times to an extravagant game of Snakes and Ladders that took the form of a year of buying and selling classic cars. The aim was to work my way up the classic car ladder.


At the start of the project, I set myself a rule: I would only buy cars I had not previously owned. It was an amazing experience; I discovered some fantastic models (plus a few shockers) and bought my first Porsche, initiating a love affair that has probably now eclipsed my long-term obsession with Alfa Romeos. There is one itch, though, that has yet to be scratched: I have never owned a pre-war car.


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