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Hagerty Employee

Why this 60-years-stored Talbot-Lago was actually a restoration nightmare

When you have the shop, the mechanical support staff, and the cash reserves of someone like Jay Leno, you can take on some seriously complex automotive projects. The average enthusiast probably isn't fabricating a new gas tank for a Talbot-Lago over the weekend, but the exotic nature of Leno's projects is exactly what makes his restoration blog shop updates so fun. He helps prove that wacky and wild projects are actually possible and that cool rides, no matter how intricate, can be saved with time and effort.


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We preformed much work on another of the Talbot Lago Gran Sport cars at our shop. This included re-building the engine (it is a twin cam, in block), the entire front end, etc. The car shown here was used as a reference for some of the details we were missing, prior to being acquired by Jay. Very interesting time capsule.