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Why the Mercedes-Benz SL helps us watch the entire collector car market

With the reveal of the latest Mercedes-AMG SL this week, the car internet is awash in nostalgia for the beauty that started it all, the 300SL. And why not? Its performance and style made it the vehicle of choice for the rich and famous in the mid-1950s, with famous owners ranging from Juan Manuel Fangio to Zsa Zsa Gabor and Juan Perón.
Intermediate Driver

Crazy that for 2013 to 2020 the SL did not correlate with the average price index at all. If it wasn't for 2021 price raise on literally everything, I would argue the SL really has nothing to do with average prices for the past decade.

David, I don't think the Gullwing is indicative of anything except shrinking supply and narrow but wealthy demand. I think there are a lot of unrealistic prices out there, and by that I mean overheated dollars assigning values to cars that aren't worth the rate of exchange. Everybody has to remember that the Hobby is similar to Fine Art in that, once more, there is
more dollars chasing less cars. And for those who participate in Auctions let me remind you of the Auction's Curse: If you are the winning Bid you are the only person in the room who thought the car was worth that much money. I am sure to be reprimanded for these remarks but I have been in the Hobby a long time, and I've seen markets overheat like this and then gently collapse..........
Thank you for this David and stay well.