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Why it's important to clean and chase your threads | DIY | Hagerty Media

Last week, Davin (that's pronounced Dave-in) walked through the basics of cutting new threads in stock materials. That is all but necessary for fabricating new parts and pieces for a project, but what about threaded holes that already exist in parts you need to salvage? Then it's time to talk about chasing threads.
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Just had “chase the threads” conversation with regard to a cast turbo exhaust manifold and downpipe. In that case I also recommended hi-temp anti seize which seems to get forgotten but also helps with an accurate torque...and hopefully avoid broken fasteners in the future. 

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It should be noted that thread chasers for male threads are the hexagonal shaped dies. The files work OK but have to be used at the helix angle.
And some holes that are for studs are made with a different class of fit (tighter) than a regular tap.
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Between Redline Rebuild and DIY, I learn so much on this website. Thank you.