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Why GM’s V-12 “Engine of the Future” never made it to production

Sixty years ago, General Motors was nothing like the company you know and (maybe) love today. In the 1960s, the firm was well-stocked with the industry’s smartest designers, engineers, sales experts, and division managers. No technical hurdle was too high, no engineering feat too far-fetched, for the colossus that bestrode more than 50 percent of the market and had no Asian competitors to fear. So when someone raised a hand and suggested that a nice, fresh V-12 engine would add luster to Cadillac’s prestige, there was broad consensus and no fiscal concern.


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My '73 Caribou (Coupe de ville) has a "501" 472 engine.  "501" is the engine SERIES, not the cubic inch measurement!  Many uninformed think they have a "rare" 501 cu. inch engine in their Cadillac because the emissions sticker lists it as a "501" but, again, that only refers to the engine "series".   The late '70s Cadillac 425 is also a "501".
Some other of today's auto uninformed think that Cadillac was using a Chevrolet engine back then (as we find today) and believe it is a 502 Chevy engine --- not so.

Sorry to see a Hagerty writer perpetuate the 501 myth.  

New Driver