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Hagerty Employee

Why Domino’s DXP delivery cars were anything but half-baked

Back in 2015, Domino’s unveiled the DXP (Delivery Expert) delivery car, a Chevy Spark-based runabout that, through a collaboration with small-batch vehicle-designer Local Motors (LM), sought to revolutionize the pizza delivery experience. From the outside, the DXPs appeared to be mostly normal Sparks with a pizza oven taking up the space that the rear driver’s side seat normally would.


When a tweet recently surfaced showing a picture of one of the DXP delivery vehicles in a junkyard, one of the designers who worked on the team that designed the little workhorses responded, and we got in touch to learn the full story.


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New Driver

Domino's DXP cars. Utter failure. Franchise owners are already under pressure to generate income they also tend to be extremely "frugal". The expense of the vehicles plus insurance, maintenance, etc. Then to be put into the hands of delivery drivers who may not be so responsible?  I never saw a single one. 


Samcrac has two. 

Community Manager

Very good points, I bet most franchise owners couldn't make the numbers work. I might have seen one on the road once, it's way better to buy some 5-10 year old beater for $5000 or less because it won't depreciate nearly as much and sport an asking price low enough to ensure it won't eat into profit margins. 


In a world run by ambulance-chasers, most pizza businesses gave up on using/owning their own fleets of delivery cars decades ago. The whole DXP concept was doomed from the start. Most pizzas are delivered by drivers using their own cars. Not unlike Uber & Lyft replacing fleet cabs.

New Driver

Too bad their pizza still sux.


and then, there's that 😉