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Why do 1990s–2000s British luxury machines depreciate so much?

British luxury cars have a certain reputation for depreciation. Still, the prospect of an Aston Martin, a Rolls-Royce, or a Bentley for 85 percent below MSRP can be tempting. Even now, I am stealthily opening an eBay tab “just to look.” Surely I am not alone in this affliction, but then, why do so few people pull the trigger and buy these cars? High-end Brits depreciate heavily for a reason, but once they have, are they worth the discount?


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Replies (3)

Replies (3)

As a man who's owned a vintage Bentley, this is no joke... 

When you need a windshield, there's 5 in the world (and I've sourced *tons* of parts for oddities), it's a high 4-figure part, with a 4-figure shipping price, and no insurance available for the shipping... High 4-figure brake service jobs (my labor.) Six-ply Avon tyres. Suspension parts that cost as much as a kidney.... 

You sell it and buy a Citroen. And are infinitely happier. 🙂

Pit Crew


James;  a superbly written article — ALL the salient points are well-considered and presented. 


Readers should save, and even print this out whenever they, like you AND me, get an Anglo-itch for Brit-MotorMetal. Yeah, I know; they’re so damned alluring.


An acquaintance of mine was a collector/restorer of Jaguar E-Types, back in the 1980s.

He told me that, at a collector-meet, one license-plate frame stood out — it read “Ah, But When It Runs”.

There was also much venting of radiators and much borrowing of jumper-cables that day.


THAT should serve as a personal warning of “Caveat Emptor” in ANYTHING, really; where some part other than your brain, are allowed to assist in decision-making.

Intermediate Driver

Oh god, but I want one so badly...

Pit Crew