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Hagerty Employee

Why Batman has had the best ride in town since the 1940s

The Batmobile first appeared in May 1939 simply as Bruce Wayne's red sedan, but DC Comics artists like Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson soon realized that, in order to adequately thrash the most vicious criminals in the world, Batman had to come up with a custom machine. One that's not only as menacing as his outfit, but also more capable than any car Joker could hijack.


A lot has been said about Batmobiles already, but now, Warner Bros’ great documentary is here to take us behind the scenes through seven decades of the Caped Crusader's most impressive rides.


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I know every list is subjective, but I really have to disagree that Burton's Batmobile is (or ever was) the most cherished of all.  If you say just "Batmobile" and nothing else, the vast majority of people will picture the Barris Futura, not the 1989 version.  The Futura is the Lynda Carter of automobiles.  Sure, lots of people know Gal Gadot and she's great, but when you're talking Wonder Woman, Lynda is the true timeless classic.  And so is the 1966 Barris Batmobile.

Pit Crew

Was great to see how strong the 245 Volvo was with a Batmobile on top. A good story too. Thanks.