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Which "cutting edge" feature on the 1948 Tucker was actually 44 years old? | Hagerty Media

When Preston Tucker unveiled his legendary Tucker 48 sedan in 1948, it was heralded by many as revolutionary-an unconventional car that incorporated newfangled technological advancements and modern styling into an economical package. Among the Tucker's cutting-edge features were a reinforced "safety cell" passenger compartment, a padded dash, a pop-out windshield, four-wheel disc brakes, and a "cyclops" center headlight that turned with the wheels.
Intermediate Driver

Tatra had many of these feature before Tucker...and a V8 air-cooled engine out the rear.

“Surprisingly, the feature that we find most notable about the Beverly warranted nothing more than a last-sentence mention by the writer who covered the 1904 Boston Auto Show.”

That’s because goofy “tech” wasn’t important then. The mechanical aspects of the car and how it drove were the real story. The complete opposite of today.
Intermediate Driver

Packards and Cadillacs (possibly others) in the 30’s had driving lights that turned with the front wheels.
Intermediate Driver

Same as Harley Davidson's big bikes for over 30 years. The Street glide and the Road glide (by several different names). One fairing & headlight(s) are fixed to the frame and the other fairing moves with the front fork and wheel. Owned at least one of each. Absolutely NO difference in road visibility while driving at night, period.
Intermediate Driver

Lots of cars like Cadillacs and Buicks did have cornering lights. They actually DID work!

Lots of luxury models in the 20s and 30s were available with steerable auxiliary driving lights.
Intermediate Driver

amazing safety was not big issue with buyers at the time