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Hagerty Employee

Which of these 3 SEMA powerplants promises the brightest automotive future?

SEMA 2021 was packed with the typical crazy car builds, including a considerable contingent of overlanding trucks on display. Among all the excitement, however, there were three significant significant powerplants revealed, each occupying a different technological niche. Looking ahead, which one do you think will have the greatest impact on the automotive world in the years to come?

Not insulting your concise wrap up of bragging rights alternative engines, since only a fraction of that power goes to the tires, but questioning shilling for Ford, Chevy, Dodge, focusing on symptom rather than cure for what threatens our internal combustion cars.
Most of the cars insured by Hagerty were built when global population a quarter to half today's 8 billion, the UN reporting animals raised for meat and dairy producing more greenhouse gas than all the world's cars, trucks, buses, trains, planes, ships combined. These are the threats to our ICE cars. We can either focus on this, or continue a having-it-all lifestyle, in which our ICE cars will be banned and we're stuck with different, but equally expensive pollution.

Other posters have explained why EVs no panacea. Hydrogen production consumes more energy than it returns, and the planet and stratosphere may not be able to consume excess anthropogenic hydrogen. There are reasons the world's scientists agree overpopulation by far our biggest problem; their words, "bigger than climate" (2013 poll of 2,000 UN scientists, 2019 poll of 11,000 scientists reported in 11/5/19 Bloomberg News).

Unless Hagerty has changed their focus to challenging Motor Trend, Allstate, State Farm and Geico, seeing more people as more insurance policies, we're better served by curbing overpopulation and avoiding animal and dairy products.

Physics major: Compute the BTU's in one gallon of gasoline, that times gallons used daily in the US, convert that to watts needed to replace the gasoline and you quickly learn that all-electric is an absolute impossibility, few realize the power of gasoline, or the grid needed to carry only what we already use daily as non-cars use, what's needed to power lights and industry, there is no real excess to be had, especially in summer when AC is needed. Then, we have the battery problem, lithium is limited, where are spent batteries going ... along with those fiberglass windmill blades, how much landfill will it take .... when all this comes to haunt.
Intermediate Driver

simple choice for me...NOT an electric motor.....sorry, but I don't consider these anymore than oversized polishing or grinding motors....If I can't hear or....I am not interested....
Pit Crew

Why, 632 of course!
New Driver

No interest in an EV. Contrary to popular belief EVs will not save the planet and for now I want to hear my collector cars run.
Intermediate Driver

Zero emissions for Red Line Oil? Not quite. Yes, by theory burning hydrogen produces only water as a combustion product. But only if you use pure oxygen to burn the hydrogen. In reality, in the high pressure achieved in any air breathing reciprocating piston engine combines the nitrogen in the air (air is 79% nitrogen) with oxygen to produce oxides of nitrogen (NOx) that combine with the water to produce Nitrous and Nitric acid - powerful contributors to acid rain, and regulated engine emissions.

Interesting Ford is leaving it to the buyer to cherry pick the parts books for controllers, batteries, battery chargers and connectors. No battery, no controller or connectors, no battery charger - equals no go. Red Line Oil is choosing hydrogen as full. Unless you live in Iceland, where do you buy hydrogen? No hydrogen equals no go. I hate to say it, but the only choice is the bowtie.

Eluminator makes the most sense. I loved push rodders growing up and the vintage ones still. I have grown up now and want DOHC 4 Valve all aluminum V8's. Yawn on the LS conversion.
Intermediate Driver

I'd take the Chevy BIG BLOCK! Oh how I'd love to have that beastie in my "32 Highboy Coupe!
There is plenty of room for it. Argggg !!
Intermediate Driver

I enjoy driving my classic cars and on a nice beautiful sunny Sunday, that cruise will be quite a bit further than the average 120 miles that an ev converted classic would get. EV Conversions dont yet have super charge ca[ability so if you drain the battery, you are looking at an 8 hour recharge before the trip home. Pretty sure that my better half will not enjoy a 8 hour picnic. For now,I will take that new big block chevy and burn some more gasoline.
Pit Crew

I'm a Ford guy, but of these just gotta go with the big block ICE Chevy. Absolutely no hesitation on that decision...
New Driver

I am, by my own definition, a car guy. I love big engines and drag racing has always been my favorite sport. I have participated in competitions over the years. I cut my teeth on Lyons drag strip way back when. Yes I'm old. I have, and drive a 500+ HP old Ford truck and have another weekend driver from the 60s that will dust most "newer high performance" cars on the road. Funny thing though; when I first saw a home made electric drag racer with an old Toyota that was stripped down and had a fork lift electric motor and a bunch of batteries beat an alcohol fuel dragster years ago,I was amazed. Instead of getting all agitated about electric cars etc. I found it kind of exciting. After all, we all talk about Hp and torque and these motors (not engines as some call motors) are amazing. I've actually thought about taking out my big block and installing one of these in my hot rod truck! This may be a form of blasphemy to some but, really how far do I drive this weekend warrior? Hmm, load the bed up with batteries and install one of those high torque motors. I'm sure I could go to the same car shows and zip down the road and blow some minds. Just a thought.
Intermediate Driver

You may not need 1000 hp on a street car but there is a gas station on every corner and you can control those horses with your right foot. The same cannot be said of charging stations and for the present that is the way it is. Quiet engines ? Really?
New Driver

NONE--Cost for all three is out-of-reach for all but those with a no-limit budget; so do normal hard working folks just get to read about them, and never own one?. (1) The entire Electric Vehicle matter will prove in the long run to be a huge mistake that has been motivated by the government strong-arm; disposal of dead battery packs will become a global nightmare, and vehicles will become disposable based on cost of repairs. (2) The Chevy 632 monster makes a guy drool a bit; however, the cost, space, and weight factors are a downer for those who want to drive their build. (3) The hydrogen idea holds far more merit with me than the electric for mass use in the future. So where do we draw the line between a build for the track, or a street worthy driver. Although I am pretty much a Ford man, the GM 350 crate motor holds the answer to where folks have been most motivated--an application that has enjoyed the east of adaptability & fit, and a price to match. You do not have to agree with me, but I do appreciate the opportunity to comment.

Something I never hear mentioned about electric cars - every solar panel installed prevents sunlight from reaching the earth's surface. Constructing solar panel arrays big enough to power all the electric cars of the future would cause a massive and immediate climate change that would dwarf the existing climate change threat.

And yet you'll never see an article in Hagerty or any other car mag about the dire need to curb overpopulation, the real threat to our internal combustion cars, most of which built when global population a quarter to half today's 8 billion.
Intermediate Driver

All 3 are too pricey for me to afford and I agree with all the comments about EVs not being as green as the stupid politicians want us to believe. People today are like sheep that follow whatever the politicians tell them without doing any research for themselves.

How do you answer this? Everyone of these engines have issues. Ford supposedly has sold out the E Mach powertrain...I didn't buy one. The monster BB is really interesting, but not for me. The Hydrogen LS is the most intriguing but not feasible, maybe not ever.
I have been on here bemoaning EV's knowing I will buy (most likely no other choice) at least 2 in my lifetime. Agree with spark123 look at the total picture they are not environmentally friendly. BobbyShoe4 called it...the best new engine is the LT6 in the Z06 Vette. The ultimate normally aspirated engine for street use PERIOD, about 3 hp per CI. 8,600 rpm redline. Beautiful music to any car person....designed and made in the USA, only is a Vette. The TESLA Plaid is quicker to 60 mph and the 1/4 mile but only hearing the gravel under the tires is so not inspiring. Afraid SEMA will really not survive this sea change.
Pit Crew

I'm very excited to see where the aftermarket EV scene goes. My daughter is 2 and I'd love to build her an old school EV as a daily when she turns 16.

I love my gas engines as well, I think there's room for both.