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Which of my 12 vehicles is best to escape the apocalypse?

My professional colleague Zach Bowman at Road & Track already beat me to writing a “Best Apocalypse Vehicle” piece, and in it, he came to a quite unexpected conclusion. Then, a day later, my friend Craig Fitzgerald put his odd spin on the subject, writing a piece for on “10 Cars for Social Distancing,” taking the standpoint that those cars are so ugly, ill-conceived, or poorly executed that people will recoil and give you lots of space as you drive past (anti-E-Types, if you will). Damn, guys, you left slim pickings for little ol’ me. Read the full article on

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The vehicle I find best to escape the apocalypse is my gated Ferrari 360 Spider. Just fire up the engine and the apocalypse melts away. Floor it in third to red line and the virus gets burned in the hell fire of the engine. Downshift coming into a corner and the burbling and pops reminds me that there is still life and fun even in terrible times.



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