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Hagerty Employee

Which of my 12 vehicles is best to escape the apocalypse?

My professional colleague Zach Bowman at Road & Track already beat me to writing a “Best Apocalypse Vehicle” piece, and in it, he came to a quite unexpected conclusion. Then, a day later, my friend Craig Fitzgerald put his odd spin on the subject, writing a piece for on “10 Cars for Social Distancing,” taking the standpoint that those cars are so ugly, ill-conceived, or poorly executed that people will recoil and give you lots of space as you drive past (anti-E-Types, if you will). Damn, guys, you left slim pickings for little ol’ me. Read the full article on

Hagerty Employee

Rob, you have an eclectic collection of cars there, and in the end you chose the Honda to escape the Brain Eaters. Perhaps you're not as insane as you'd like us to believe? Good choice!

Intermediate Driver

The vehicle I find best to escape the apocalypse is my gated Ferrari 360 Spider. Just fire up the engine and the apocalypse melts away. Floor it in third to red line and the virus gets burned in the hell fire of the engine. Downshift coming into a corner and the burbling and pops reminds me that there is still life and fun even in terrible times.




I've got two W123 manual shift cars.  Leave all my exotica in the garage, we'll escape (very slowly), in the 240Ds.  

Pit Crew

The 360 is a very nice car.  But, I would leave my Ferrari F355 Spider in the garage and take my turbo diesel H1 Hummer instead.  This situation calls for get up and go in any terrain to get away from the brain eaters.  And the Hummer would be able to run over top of the BMW's and any Ferrari once they ran out of gas (The Hummer could use home heating oil when all the traditional gas stations have closed).  Just my 2 cents worth.

New Driver

All your missing is a junk yard tow-truck.

Intermediate Driver

Zombies aside, in an actual emergency escape scenario, your best bet is a bicycle. 

You'd need a few specialized tools, spare tires/tubes and baskets/racks. 

Naturally, everyone would need their own. 

No fuel, overheating, difficult repairs, etc. but here's the best reason: traffic. 

Here on Long Island, NY, we had an almost-completed but much-contested nuclear power plant in Shoreham, Suffolk County. 

All studies, and even an actual drill, showed that evacuation by car would be nearly impossible. Those with boats and lots of fuel would fare better, but so would those on bicycles. OK, so you'd be exposed to the elements. The Scandinavians have a saying, "There's no bad weather, only bad clothing." 


When we evacuate for the fall Hurricanes it is the X1 and the M Coupe (even thou Haggerty will transport it)-leaving the ultra high mileage E90 and the E36 convertible behind-now if we could teach the dog to drive....

New Driver

Where’s my favorite:

Pinzgauer 710M?

Old school with NO electronics. 

Has Hagerty ever done a story on them as I cannot find anything on Hagerty’s website?


vermont plates on a massachusetts car.   hmmm