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Hagerty Employee

When you put 10,000 miles on a Ford Model T, it’s for the love of the drive

Seamus Hnat is a humble, hardworking guy. His firm handshake will often impart a dab of grease, usually originating from his century-old car. Not only does Seamus drive a Model T, he logs miles with a dedication that few pre-war vehicle owners can equal. His no-nonsense, straight-to-the-point personality is a fitting reflection of his 1914 Ford touring car.


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Intermediate Driver

Wonderful story. Drive fun, Seamus!


So much better than it being garden art.


Post a how-to on the brake conversion!

Intermediate Driver

We sold our '26 touring some years ago, our biggest trip was from central Minnesota to Medora ND badlands, then to the Devil's Tower in Wyoming, Mt. Rushmore in SD, across all of SD into southern MN and on up home, over 2000 miles, unassisted and alone, no modern upgrades whatever.  I have it all on VHS video.

Pit Crew

So inspiring!  Driving is what cars were made to do, so Sean is "keeping it real."  Bravo!

New Driver

Great read!  Thank you, Kyle. 


I thought the Model "T" brake was in the transmission, not at the wheels .


Hagerty Employee

the disc brake/wood wheel combo is so badass.

Intermediate Driver

My hat is off to Seamus!  106 years seems about right to break in a leather and horse hair seat.