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When the formula required added heat, Pontiac offered Firehawk | Hagerty Media

It's a well-known fact that automakers don't actually make all the parts that bolt up to their vehicles. Be it an Aisin AS66RC transmission in a Dodge Ram or Mercedes bits within a Tesla Model S, third-party solutions are used by the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to accelerate and simplify production.
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No, just NO.  The WS6 package for the LS1 powered Firebirds did NOT offer more horsepower over the standard LS1 equipped Firebirds.  As a matter of fact, the LS1 in the WS6 is the same engine that is in the standard Trans Am and even the CORVETTE.  AN LS1 is an LS1 is an LS1.  There are countless publications and dyno tests from that era that prove the power output of all of those cars and trim levels are IDENTICAL...

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Didn't know the Ram Air WS6 didn't make any more power, unfortunately GM thought they did and even mentioned the improvement in the sales brochure:


Do you have any links to the dyno tests or remember which magazines published this? 


I have never heard that - ever. And, I follow a lot of car mags, and some online sites. Any links or sources for any of those assertions that there are no differences in HP? I could possibly believe it, knowing the history of automakers to lie about such things, but I would be very surprised in this case - again, because I have never heard it before, and we are over 20 years into the LS1.
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I would also like to see some proof of your statement, as at the time LS1 powered Camaro's were listed with fewer hp than the Corvette, I think due to more restrictive exhaust (don't remember for sure), but also to keep the Vette on top of the heap hp-wise. Might have just been a marketing gimmick, but would like to see proof to the contrary.
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I bought new and still have a 2000 Camaro SS. I can speak from a Camaro perspective and think the Firebird is the same.
The standard Z-28 LS-1 was rated at 305HP. When you added the SS option, it added the cold-air hood, which then brought up the rating to 320HP. Add the SLP stainless exhaust, and you get 5HP more, and the next level of stainless brought it to a total of 330HP.
I believe on the Firebirds, they also started at 303HP, WS-6 went to 320, etc...
The 1997 Corvette LS-1 was rated at 345HP(same as my 2008 C5), and was explained by having better exhaust manifolds.
Keep in mind, this is how GM rated and "marketed" the power ratings. Historically, they always rated the Corvette a few HP higher to show that it was their top-of-the-heap.
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Sorry - meant to type the Firebird started at 305HP.

Firehawks and Shelby share a common theme. The first year was by far the best for a significantly improved vehicle, be it a bit raw, but then again nobody will ever say the 3rd gen is a sophisticated car. I own three including two B4C 1LE cars and enjoyed them immensely, more so than my 4th gen. The 4th gen Firehawks are great cruisers. It always seems to work out that way. The 92 Firehawk was crazy expensive new, but again it really was a race car (add it up, what a great value) for the street so they hardly sold any. The 4th gen was more show than go at a lower price tag so they sold a few more, but they don't draw a crowd. You have to go to the 2014-15 Z28 to get that much upgrade, and it was $70K. Not a Ford guy at all but have to give them credit on the second gen Shelby's, some outrageous body pieces and a big HP (428) option makes them desirable .
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As per usual, there are SOOO many inaccuracies in this article, and unfortunately I don’t have time to get into them right now....Hagerty’s writers need to do A LOT more research before writing their articles. This opinion from a Firehawk owner who has done extensive research...especially on my own car.
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Well I'm only gonna know what's wrong if enthusiasts like yourself tell me.