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Hagerty Employee

When the Batmobile's designer customizes a Corvette, this happens

Nostalgia is a funny thing. It can inspire meticulous restorations of historically or sentimentally important vehicles. It can also result in the, ah, rather polarizing Corvette before you. This is no amateur effort, by the way.
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Pit Crew

When all of the world news has got me down, all I have to do is go onto Hagerty media and read some of the comments from all of you fellow car nuts and I can't help but immediately bust out laughing. Keep up the good work! Your comments are very candid. I enjoy reading them. I'm sure that there is a buyer for this car out there somewhere.
Intermediate Driver

Maybe Stevie Wonder
New Driver

At first glance, it screamed "1972 Stutz" to me. Borrowed heavily from those lines.

He must have designed the Golf Cart with the Rolls Royce grill.
Intermediate Driver

It looks like it belongs to a PIMP!

Heck I'd drive it, imagine the smiles you'd give people! I'd really like to cruise a nasty over the top street machine corvette, fender flares and all.
Intermediate Driver

Boy what can I say but unfortunately ugly (as seems to be the common theme) at any angle- from the "upright grill" to the bullet taillights- it all reeks of the tacked on faux-30s look, reimagined in the ugliest way. The Zimmer was another of those - "retro" styled cars- and equally as gosh. The name "Barrister" seems a play- especially if this car was ever imported to England- that is the term for a lawyer who argues in court from what I understand- so maybe this was an argument for retro-ugly?

Hideous. Don't care what's underneath.