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When Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance—deservedly—denied my car

Every opportunity I've had to visit high-end automotive events ends more or less the same way. Concours participants climb into sultry pre-war feats of coachwork magic, or perhaps, effortlessly fast Italian cars with snarling V-12s. I have always been on the other side of the experience, so when the email came through saying that Pebble Beach Concours was accepting applications, I went for it. 


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Community Manager


New Driver

Don't set Pebble Beach too high or sell yourself too short. Do it again.


I think it's a great idea.  You didn't get radio silence, because they saw it just as it was intended...  for entertainment purposes.  It might have been even better if you had worked in your hope for a rejection letter so you could enter the rejected class at Concours d'Lemons.  Now that would've made me laugh out loud if I was working for the Pebble beach show.  In the end we're all car people.  It's good to have a laugh.  🙂

Intermediate Driver

Every first Saturday Scottsdale convenes a car show at a local shopping mall. A guy always shows with a ragged Hornet AMX. His is the only car there with a steering wheel lock. We wonder if it is a joke or...

Intermediate Driver

I read that entire article while trying to remember if I had even seem one on theses in my many years in the auto service business.... much less worked on one.


I was already with a final analysis... and then I read the last few got me.

My original underlying thought was that they would reject it, out of hand, for leaking oil on the golf course!

Pit Crew

Cool story but I would have liked to see more pictures of the van and details since it doesn't look stock. I would love to have something like that to cruise in with friends or take on the Power Tour. That van would be great with modern upgrades to the suspension, drive train and interior but leave the outside as is.


In high school I dated a girl who's family had one with a power-glide automatic and it was the slowest vehicle I have ever driven!


Love the van, despite the first-one-to-the-wreck design shared by Ford & Dodge vans of that era. Fear not about the Pebble authorities, I'm sure they found the application an entertaining diversion from the usual hyperbole. And it's nowhere near as criminally misleading as some Ebay ad "descriptions" !

Pit Crew

Who knows what the next hot trend in the ever changing collector car world will be. You may have let the Greenbrier go too soon.

Advanced Driver

Of course they rejected it, Kyle, the wheels are "incorrect"!

Pit Crew



to me? "provenance" is of no matter. My aunt hada house full of antiques. Pretty neat stuff but when she'd say "so'n so owned this in 1831..." I'd get kinda turned off.  The object, design, how crafted, components to the whole, etc were what fascinated me. The Lincoln penned/signed letter more interesting in scrawl, content and material than who made it.  Of course this is the whole point to others, but not me.


Good for you and your efforts (and my buds - the Lemons crew). Seems more fun, less fussy to me.

Intermediate Driver

Great idea and perseverance! Long live the Corvair....any model!!!!!!!! 

Intermediate Driver

Next time bolt a Mercedes emblem on the front.And like someone else wrote put the right wheels on or at least put spoked wheels.  

Intermediate Driver

I would bet that back in the 60's the van saw "love and admiration" than the entire Pebble Beach event 🙂  Rock on with your bad self...............


Refreshing to read a description about a classic that doesn't include words like "Breaks" and "Low-ballers." I'll just leave it theyre. 


Never be afraid to ask the pretty ones out, the worst they can do is say, "no thanks". One of my most cherished possessions is the signed letter from Heather Locklear and Courtney Thorne-Smith, calling me a selfish lover. 😉



I hope none of them were drinking coffee when they opened the application. 

Pit Crew

Years ago my dad was about to sit down at my grandparent's (not his parent's) house.  Granny huffed up instantly and said "Don't to sit in THAT chair, it's over 200 years old."


 My dad, whose regard for Granny wasn't as high as it might have been, replied without missing a moment "Isn't it time you got a new one?"


Sic transit gloria, and Provenance can take a walk too.

Hagerty Employee

Great story, Kyle! I think your van would have classed up the joint. Their loss.