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When one of your cars just has to go … or, on second thought, maybe it doesn’t

I currently own 11 cars. There’s our two daily drivers and the Winnebago Rialta small RV, plus the seven vintage BMWs and the Lotus Europa on my Hagerty policy that must be tucked safely in a garage. As I’ve written before, there’s room in my 31×17 shoebox-dimensioned garage to comfortably fit three cars—four over the winter if I sardine them in place—and I rent four garages in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, about an hour from my house, which has room for another eight.


If I’m working on the cars and driving them, however, as I do in warmer weather, packing them in the garage makes it difficult to enjoy them for a quick drive.


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Just finished "Resurrecting Bertha" & "Ran When Parked"  --totally worth ordering. Ran When Parked is good to hand to friends that want to start up dead cars whether they care about BMW or not.


I don't have 11 cars... and have moved along two projects in the past few years as they were just too big in scope. The last car I am down too I have far more into than I would recoup and it is still in primer. It is a good sorted driver now though --which is important as I can use it. However, time to use it has been scarce even without pandemic.


People tell me I would regret it if I sell it. But my family situation now involves 2 giant car seats and it is not car-seat or long-drive family friendly at all. Significantly, there are other things I would rather have that I could use more.


Yet... it's getting close to 3 years that I haven't put it up for sale.