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Hagerty Employee

When it comes to my overflowing horde of cars, I have an enabler

We all come to where we are one step at a time. Each of those steps makes sense, even if the resulting destination surprises us. I thought I’d explain how I reached the point where I live in the densely populated city of Newton, Massachusetts, on a 6600-square-foot lot and own 11 cars.


I blame Hagerty, but let’s start at the beginning. Read the full column on

New Driver

Rob, Been there & done that and super sized it. Relate to your story all to closely. We car guys are something else aren't we? Great article. I know that there are millions of car guys reading your story and relating to every aspect of it. I personally had a big smile on my face while reading about your adventures. And I also know that your story is condensed due to space limitations.  What we car guys go through only we can justify to ourselves...sometimes...

New Driver

I will assume you wife gets some credit as an enabler as well as your partner in crime!

Intermediate Driver

Love your 7 rule guide to vehicle ownership. I can check off most of them and add one-a motorcycle.


It's a disease.

Plain and simple. I have 65+ cars, trucks and motorbikes (I'm not sure of the exact number)

I have 2 large barns and several storage facilities. I even have a Nissan Frontier in Saipan!!

No Bueno.

I will never finish all of them before I die. Boo.


Another great article, Rob!


BTW...when you store your cars for "overwintering", do you put them up on jackstands, or just leave them sitting on the tires?


- Jim

Pit Crew

do these cars have plates?  Can you drive any or all of them?


Have you ever thought of filing suit on yourself for pain and suffering?

Pit Crew

Think you're all set?  Guess again, you know better.

Seven cars does seem a lot. 

The problem is similar to any new sport... a new sport or acquisition requires you subtract new sport time from the others.  This thought keeps me from several things..

I used to flip 2002s, I've had fifteen of them, I think. Nowadays they're scarce, expensive or beat nearly to death.  But I too have a 3.0CS which mostly sits, and a BMW K1300GT bike that is way, far more than enough to kill me.  These are "enough" for now.


I'm not sure why, but every time I read one of your articles, I either feel like I know you from somewhere, or that maybe I wrote the article...but I am not a BMW guy, I live in California, and I am a retired software/management person who still teaches part-time. I never have enough space for my cars.  I have some at home, rent some space, and still fall short. Currently, my wife and I have 10 cars, although she doesn't know about the latest one yet. There will be an opportune moment for the revelation. I never miss a story because they validate my continuing quest for something useful to do!


Hi Rob,

I have been reading you for years in Roundel, and now at Hagerty. I came across your Bavaria article, because I just bought a real nice, 1973 Bavaria 4 speed for 8 grand!

I also just received my Hagerty insurance bill for $36!  Any idea where I can find replacement rear speakers?  Thanks,

Tim Doyle , Pembroke, NH


Truly a great article. I agree, the prices for coverage are a MAJOR enabler. That being said, I am done on collecting any more. I need my time to do more things than maintenance. 11 cars, huh? I will be looking for you on Hoarders :).