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Hagerty Employee

When an $18,000 Rabbit GTI makes you go "hmmm ..."

The 1990 C+C Music Factory hit "Things that Make You Go Hmmmm...." was all but lost in back of my mind with my other memories of fifth grade. At least until the sale of this 1984 Mk I Volkswagen Rabbit GTI wafted the song's chorus back into my head.

One sale isn't a trend.

Some believe you never pay too much, you just bought early.
Intermediate Driver

I put 213,000 far from trouble free miles on an 84 GTI; Diamond Silver just like this trashed eighteen thousand dollar Rabbit, but the red interior. Slapped together in Western PA 8/83. $8400, no AC.

Fun? Of course. Light, peppy, and with a shock upgrade that was a great little car to row the gears in.

The build quality was horrendous. The windshield frame rusted through in 3 years. Right below the left lower corner of the windshield? The fuse box. With an antenna wire as wick, and A pillar rust hole filling relays full of water. I had a fuel pump relay, spare 4 and 5 prongers in the glove box along with a spare ignition module or two. The headliner fabric detached itself when rolling the window after 6 months. VW spend 10 grand or more in warranty and goodwill. Whatta POS.

I miss that little Rabbit.
Intermediate Driver

I loved the MK1, and early MK2. I,d love having a clean one but afraid it would be stolen especially with todays revolving door justice:-(