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Hagerty Employee

Whatcha gonna build? ECTO-1!

We’re all coping with the pandemic-induced delays of our favorite franchises in different ways. Thankfully, Lego’s decided to make things a bit easier on Ghostbusters fans by releasing a plastic-brick version of the ghostbusting ’59 Caddy favored by Venkman, Stantz, and Spengler ... Read the full news on


New Driver

I've been into LEGO for ages, had a bit of a "dark age" during my very late teens-first couple years of my twenties, but am now getting back into it. I've watched the films, but still think Ecto-1 and any replicas are like vandalizing an ancient work of art--the old ambulances, hearses, and "combination cars" have a look to them that is quite gorgeous.


My plans are to convert it back into a stock 1959 Cadillac/Miller Meteor, complete with the typical 1950s equipment.  I had meant to do this, but minifigure scale with the last couple Ectos.


The hardest part is gonna be this, the stretcher.  Ferno used this same basic stretcher design since the '30s; and it's not changed a whole lot. But, no one uses them anymore--EMS around here now all use Stryker cots with electric folding and often electric loading mechanisms.


Advanced Driver

Lego. $200. These words just don't sound right together. And I agree with Cody - the old Cadillac conversion ambulances have a beauty all their own. For less than $200 you can get a nice 1/8 scale (might be 1/16, I forget) metal model, but you'll have to do the Ghostbusters conversion yourself. 

Community Manager

People spend ungodly amounts of money on these Lego kits.  That said, I do really, really like some of the Lego Architect kits and would likely spend big bucks on those over their car kits. 

Pit Crew

My first car cost $200 and I still have it.  🙂