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Hagerty Employee

What you need to know about replacement parts that keep your classic alive | Hagerty Media

You love your car. When it needs repair, you want to install the best parts. But what are those? To many enthusiasts, the dogma is: "Buy only original equipment parts at the dealer. Everything else is junk." Unfortunately, it's not that simple. The real answer-and everyone will hate this-is "it depends."
Intermediate Driver

As my screen name implies I have a lot of old Jaguars. We are fortunate to have a reliable supplier of used parts. So they are original equipment and he inspects and tests them and stands behind them. Obviously not good for parts with rubber but if I needed a set of lug nuts or a wheel I would take his part over cheap imports every day.

It is a deal today that many parts are supplied or approved by MFGs. For their products. GM is not making 65 GTO fenders but some suppliers are approved vendors and some are sold by the dealers.

You have to just use good knowledge and feed back. New chrome is not as good as old due to regulations today.

Just because it is from China does not make it junk. They do make many high quality items.

Just because it is in a box with one mfgs name does not mean it was not made by someone else.

Many parts today that do not fit well never fit well in the past either. Old cars specs were not all that tight compared to today’s cars.

Private label parts are often the name brand parts in a different box. Many parts sold by the automakers in their performance lines are just rebooted. Same for Summit Racing and Jegs.

This is a complex and complicated thing. Never assume and try to learn what is what.