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Hagerty Employee

What you need to know about E15 fuel

Ethanol fuels are not new, but recent legislation targeting high-fuel prices has brought the biofuel back to the forefront of the conversation. What is this change and how will you be affected? It's pretty simple: Tuesday's announcement is merely an extension of a practice already in place seasonally.
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Intermediate Driver

Lets get real. The government is STUPID. Every time they try messing with fuel additives it backfires and consumers end up paying the price. Anyone remember MTBE? What a disaster. Now it's in the groundwater causing cancer.
Consumers are just now getting back to having non-ethanol available most places. Now here comes "Basement Dweller" Biden administration screw it up again.
I wish the feds would just leave us alone. They have the reverse Midas touch. Anything regulated by government turns to crap.

"The government"  is US.  Anyone can run for office, local, state, federal.  Like the man said, "If you don't like the news, make some yourself."


MTBE was wretched, indeed.  But none of these maladies spring from vacuums.  So can the Madam Defarge routine and get involved.


Just a few weeks ago, there was a Hagerty article suggesting ethonal may not be such a big win after all (not that the complaits were all that new). And now this....

There are quite a number of excellent comments and observatons here made by others.

Pit Crew

I really did not expect this from an automotive related company.

Most owners manuals say very clearly no more than 10% ethanol for very good reasons, See below, hyperv6's comments. Now for an insurance co. to say E15 is OK when it might well cause older (still post 2001) fuel lines or high pressure injector seals to leak leaves me quite puzzled. Will they cover your loss if your car burns up due to a fuel leak you caused by using unapproved fuels? I don't think I would want to take hat one to court! There is a reason the manufacturers put a 10% ethanol limit for use in their cars.
I live in Florida, outside of the normal E15 distribution range. The Max 10 % ethanol stickers are disappearing from the major refiners service stations in our area. Evaporation and or water absorption be da_____d. A friend that owns a national chain of service stations told me that the Federal Govt. pays gas stations a 5¢ per gall bounty for E10 and 15¢ per gal for E15. What would you do? Thats A LOT OF EXTRA MONEY FOR A BUSY STATION!! Thanks tax payer!
Desperate acts of desperate morons.
Pit Crew

Nylon-12 automobile fuel lines are best, safer to use, for increased ethanol content in gasoline composition, i. e. E15. No blanket statements about production years after 2001 are meaningful in this discussion. Examine your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation.

I flew a corporate airplane for an ethanol company a few times. Usually we went to corn producing areas in Nebraska. Once however they were going to eastern Wyoming. When asked why, they said it uses as much coal as corn to produce it, didn’t matter where the plant was since one commodity had to be shipped either way.
The light in my head went on. Ethanol is a big ‘ol shell game.
Pit Crew

My thanks for the heads up. I'll fill my 1963 Citroen Deux Cheavux at WAWA's leaded pumps. I will say this however, the US enjoys some of the lowest fuel costs in the world. If we are truly committed to stopping or at least slowing global warming we should stop complaining about gas prices. Drive less and drive consciously. Just my opinion.

My 2013 Lexus IS 350 says on the gas cap up to E10 gasoline only. It also has a big slash mark across E15-E85 on that cap. Point being Toyota / Lexus does not recommend it. I don't either. The whole E15 will save us money thing is a joke created by politicians who are trying to score points on your stupidity. Years ago when I could put ethanol free 93 in the Subaru Legacy GT wagon and get 28+mpg on the highway and 20 or so around town. After E10 I could not average more than 25 on the highway and was pretty much always 17-18 around town. Whatever "savings" there may be (probably none) will be lost in having to buy more fuel. Not too long ago the automakers were pushing back on E15 saying it would do damage.

New Driver

After reviewing most of the comments, I find it interesting that nobody is talking about the fact that one should NEVER USE ANY ETHANOL BASED FUEL in their seldom used motors like lawn mower, weed eater, chain saw, snow blower, generator or any fuel system that will sit for longer than 3 months. The fuel will go bad and clog everything up. Its fine to use as long as it gets used, just don't let the fuel sit around too long. It only took me one lawn mowing season to figure this one out.
Advanced Driver

My question has always been: why is ethanol "development" stalled at corn sourced concoctions [I actually know, but I'd never suggest government pay-offs and boondoggles to favored states.... ever. Even though the Uni-Party loves itself some corn squeezins] .

There will be NO savings using this garbage. The loss in MPG will cost twice as much as any SAVINGS claimed by Slow Joe. The claimed savings from wasting our Reserves was not see, as gas prices in our area are already going up again. Until Republicans are back in power, the public will continue to suffer High fuel prices and inflation due to the ignorance of democrats.
New Driver

I was never able to reproduce What the studies supposedly prove on gas mileage. Perhaps it's different between cars and motorcycles. I actually got 10% more miles on straight gas than on E10. This was consistent from tank to tank.
New Driver

My boat with twin 2020 outboard engines cannot us E15. Non ethanol fuel is 60 to 75 cents more per gallon. So, when E10 is no longer available, my boating costs go up, way, way up. Evinrude will void the engine warranty if I use E15 and from what I understand, the EPA forbids E15 in recreational boats.

And for what purpose is this E15 mandate? So, Biden can appear as if he is actually doing something useful?
Intermediate Driver

I heard the liberal media admit that the US of A only uses at most 25% foreign oil. We have enough oil to be completely free of Arab oil, but greed makes that impossible.
Japan and Europe are 100% dependent on Middle Eastern oil.
Thus, we live with artificially inflated gas prices. My 2010 Ranger has a NO E15 label on the gas cap.
Ethanol can’t be good, all small engine mechanics say don’t buy any ethanol gas for your lawnmower!

So you "heard."

  "The liberal media." Ever been in a major daily paper's newsroom, studied journalism, know the difference between vetted journalism, news reportage and commentary, read any major newsmagazines, major daily paper?

Talking about the news, aka Fox and talk radio, isn't the same thing.

When people bandy outrageous phrases like "the liberal media," they invariably get their information from the junk net, talk radio and/or Fox "News."

Right. There's a huge conspiracy, and every news gathering organization in the nation other than talk, Fox, Sinclair,  and Sun Myung Moon's Washington Times, somehow part of it.


  Of course, the oil  companies have nothing to do with this "greed" and  "artificially inflated gas prices."    Can you read a balance sheet?


   Lifelong car  guys Paul Newman, Dave Letterman (co-owns an Indy team, voted for Nader at least twice),  Doc Severinsen, Johnny Carson, James Garner, Andy Griffith, Steve Allen (owned a motorcycle shop in LA) all liberal Democrats.  Yeah, they hated cars, money.

New Driver

Perhaps I missed mention of it in comments, but what about supplements that are sold to counteract impacts of Ethanol, do they work? I think Stabil sells one, and I believe there are others. I have been putting the Stabil variety in when I get gas in my 50’s Ford, but I have no idea if it and/or others actually work. Maybe someone can weigh in.
New Driver

The mistakes of ethanol fuel.

i avoid the whole ethanol issue by not using that 5h1t in anything i want to keep till i croak. my antique cars, motorcycles, snow blower, lawn mower all get premium grade. a little fuel stabilizer before winter layup helps. fired the 94 EVO decker up yesterday (that's a Harley, folks) after 5 month winter layup, no issues. now if the snow in the rest of my yard would just melt i can pull out the cars.....

Now here's a REAL man, folks...there's too much snow where he lives to "pull out the cars", but he's already riding his Harley!  Rock on, @hearsedriver - I salute you!  😎


Used to have a Jeep Laredo that could use E85 or gasoline. When I compared the two I found that the E85 was cheaper, but gave less mileage. Per mile, the cost of the two was pretty much identical.

Don't EVER put this corrosive poison in a boat or watercraft. You will be sorry.
New Driver

Did the politicians or even the author of this article even bother to look at the manual of a 2001 or newer vehicle? I did. My 2020 Subaru Forester can only use ethanol if it is E10 or less. Anything more than that will void the warranty and harm the engine. It says the same thing for my 2007 VW, 2015 Toyota, and 2017 VW. This is going to destroy just as many cars as Cash for Clunkers.

What gave you the idea that anyone in Washington gives a hoot about our automobile warrantees?  🙄


Who are these "politicians?"   Presumably,  you and your neighbors vote? So run for office yourself.


Yeah,  "Washington."   That's it.   How did  they get there?   You vote?  So run yourself.

Pit Crew

This POTUS is incredible stupid and corrupt. This is nothing but a PR move that will do nothing.