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Hagerty Employee

What's the deal with the cars on Seinfeld? | Hagerty Media

Seinfeld is widely considered the best sitcom of all time, and one June 23, all 180 episodes will join their namesake's most recent series, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, in Netflix's global arsenal. In 2019, the streaming giant won a bidding war to become the exclusive home of the Show About Nothing, once its six-year deal with Hulu wraps up this May.

Trust me - standing next to a GTO (or at least something that looks like one), and chewing gum does NOT get any nice-looking blonds to either a) be attracted to you, or b) make them scared of you (even just a little).  ☹️


Trust me my buddy skipped the Gum but had a 64 Goat and back in 1981 got the blond and is still married today and still owned the numbers matching 64 GTO Tri power 4 speed.

At the time they met she had a 455 HO Grand Am of her own.

What gets me now is we had a teacher who had a 911 RS light weight. We used to feel bad for her as she had a 911 that was so cheap it had no carpet! Lol. She and another teacher she dated autocross back in the late 70’s. He had a Fiat X19. We had no idea how special that 911 was. I wonder today where it is. 


Guess your buddy and George Costanza both had something that I didn't 😄


Seriously they were made for each other. They were both car crazy. 

Her father had loud pipes on her GranAm. One night she took off and about a Half mile away we could hear her open it up. 

Her father said boys that is why I put those pipes on. It tells me how she is driving. He chewed here out when she got back and wondered how he knew. 

Those were good times. 

Pit Crew

Great article - but how could you forget the infamous silver Mitsubishi Starion??

Have to disagree with the back-in rule regarding parking spaces. I once worked with an ex-New Yorker, who told me that she couldn't get over the fact that in California people back into parking spots. She said that the rule in New York was that if you drove past the space, you didn't want it.

Use of turn signals is key here. If the driver signals, he or she claims the space. Backing in lets you pivot into a tighter spot in one simple move vs. the forward-back-forward (-back-forward) of pulling in. So, the proper process should be:

Plenty of room (as if, in NY 😄) - pull in
Tight space - signal and back in
New Driver

“You can’t put it in head first!!”

The argument rages on…
New Driver

George the BAD BOY had his fathers 68 GTO as he tells Jerry it was actually a 67. When Jerry who lives in New York buys his father a Cadillac who lives in Florida the cars is from a dealer in Century City Ca. Oh well.
Intermediate Driver

How could you forget Frank Costanza’s powder blue 1978 Mercury Monarch (with the specially ordered bench seat) that wound up getting destroyed for parking in the handicap spot?
“A lot of this will just buff out “

I mentioned this in the Friends article, Seinfeld had way more car related things as well as great cars. "ASSMAN" was the best license plate ever.