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Hagerty Employee

What’s better than buying one Dodge Dakota Convertible? Two Dodge Dakota Convertibles, of course

Convertible pickup trucks are few in number. Technically, there was the Ford Model A, and I guess we’ll give a nod to the Chevrolet SSR, if you really want it, but perhaps the best example of this rare body style arrived as the automotive world tipped into the final decade of the 20th century. From 1989 to 1991, Dodge partnered with American Sunroof Corporation (ASC) to build a drop-top Dakota, with Dodge shipping completed hard-top models to ASC’s Southgate, Michigan, facility to have their roofs cut off and vinyl roofs installed instead. Roughly 3700 examples were built over the two-year run.


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Pit Crew

When the Dakota Convertible was introduced in 1989 I thought it was brilliant. I figured it would sell like hotcakes particularly in the Sunshine states. I was wrong. Don't know why it didn't sell but the '89 to '92 recession probably had something to do with it. Bottom line: don't ask me for marketing advice !


I am not a truck person, but I am a convertible person, and I think these are rather cool.  My brother-in-law seriously considered one back in 1990, before settling on a GMC S-15 (with the 4.3 V6 and 5-speed).  A guy I knew at work had one, too.


When the SSR came along, I thought it was pretty cool, too (not sure why the author disses it); my oldest daughter still likes them.

Intermediate Driver

Cool little rigs...!!!

New Driver

Dakverts are great.  My "90" has a 440-6bbl in it.

Community Manager

Now THAT is impressive! Please share a pic under the hood of that Dakota! 


My black with grey bucket seat/console  1990 Dakota Sport 4x4 Convertible has been a great truck, and is all original, except for routine parts changing, and all new brake lines. It has 3.91 gears and pulls strong; with the 4 speed automatic overdrive, and lock up torque converter it averages 17 m.p.g.  It is an amazing truck to drive, and I've had it for 14 years, and also bought a new 1994 Dakota 5.2 litre 5 speed, and two Dodge Rams, a 1996, and 1997.   All of them have been good trucks, but the Dakota convertible remains as my favourite.