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Hagerty Employee

What it takes to keep a vintage Bentley on the boil for 100,000 miles around the world

Marina and Graham Goodwin won the pre-war class of the 2019 Peking to Paris rally in their Bentley Supersport. They also own a 4.5-liter Le Mans replica and a more sedate saloon, and, between this trio of vintage vehicles, they've covered over 100,000 miles from the Himalayas to the Atacama desert on dozens of rallies.

I wasn't going to flag this 'cause it's a quotation, but it still doesn't make any sense: "And then that just you’re then you’re less competitive."

Wow, I had no idea. This has got to be an extremely expensive hobby. Just maintaining these cars without racing them around the world is hard enough.

V€ry d€€p pock€t$ are r€quir€d, $oo d€€p th€y go down to your ank£€$.

Nothing but respect for these two. Most folks would be reluctant to drive something that valuable, even short runs around town. To do what they do— fantastic. My list of folks I want to have a beer with some day just got a little longer.

Definitely an expensive hobby if your car of choice is a 1930s Bentley! I'm just glad they aren't afraid to drive the things. I don't think I'd take one on a cross country rally though! Maybe a 1930s Dodge...
Advanced Driver

Cool! Time and money, lots of both is what it takes.

It's pretty amazing what you can do in a vintage car. Now throw in expensive Bentley into the mix and it is somewhat more amazing someone would do it.

Speed is indeed relative.
We hear how expensive interesting prewar cars are from the same people who drone on and on about the equal or larger amounts of money they've dumped into a Camaro, Mustang, one-note muscle car, or what a Brit journalist years ago summed a Corvette, "a V-8 surrounded by four pieces of drywall."
Refreshing to see Hagerty run a feature like this in place of the daily press releases or boy racer Walter Mitty pieces.
Happy Guy Fawke's Day to all here gathered grasping there's more to autodom than that barely out of Kelley Blue Book, whatever Ford/GM pushing this week, or the latest super car du jour, most of which'll be forgotten or worth a fraction their present price in a mere decade.

Meanwhile, a "muscle car" with automatic transmission, power brakes, power steering? That's a golf cart on steroids for aging boys, something your grandmother could've driven.

Thanks for profiles on cars for men like this Bentley.
Intermediate Driver

I can't agree more, finally an article about a proper vehicle.

Talk about a strong healthy relationship! Money not withstanding that is a badass thing to do in any open vehicle. I can handle bad seats, limping over unpaved paths and even breakdowns but competing while cold and wet?? I will don all my hats just to take them off to this amazing couple.