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Hagerty Employee

What If? Quick Take: 2016 Dodge Dart SRT Widebody

" Mi amor, I do not think you look very sick here, even with the bandage on the fore of head ... Maybe we pull the blanket up a bit? Or you have the ... thermo-meter in your mouth?" "Luisa, you idiot! I'm not trying to make people think I have the flu!

I had a friend that was in the Neon racing series. He was a good driver too.

Got tired of being taken out by a bunch of want a be racers.

Went back to the SCCA in a Lancia. No more crashes by other pretending contenders.

How are you going to have a crash in a Lancia, which is no faster than a shopping cart?

Well it does depend on the Lancia.  But you are probably right and it's not some Rally Lancia I'm dreaming of.


Once again I'm laughing.


"His website had a popular section called “Back To Stock” where people discussed how to undo all their changes before towing the car to the dealer for warranty service."

This must be a popular section on NASIOC or some other WRX/STI forum. I remember guys trying to return their car to stock after blowing the car up. Needless to say the dealers caught it quickly.


Any turbo car community in the ECU-tuning era has something similar, although the most egregious example I ever saw of "Back to Stock" was the Mini Cooper that rolled at a Pro Solo then got dumped in a ditch minus all the stickers and the fancy equipment... but that's a story for another day!

That one sounds suspiciously insurance related.


In some ways the Dodge Dart and Chrysler 200 showed how much of a visionary that Italian commander of Jeep and Chrysler and Fiat was. He who saw the CUV and SUV storm coming. He commanded for these things to not be made any more and all its company's meager resources be put behind Jeep. At the time, everyone called him crazy. Yet in time, everyone saw what the Italian saw. People don't want to bend to get in lowly cars, not easy on their back, even hard if you have to put in child seats, and don't have as much room for stuff when you fold those seats. The mad Italian had the last laugh. RIP.

...and just think if the money wasted on Alfa had been spent on a Grand Wagoneer (as many insiders would have preferred) that would have arrived in the first year of Trump instead of WWIII.


I remember having a conversation with a fellow Chrysler engineer about competing with the then brand new WRX. I suggested we make the SRT Caliber all wheel drive. He said they wanted to, but it was too expensive to develop a new AWD trans capable of holding the SRT 4 cylinder, especially if owners modified it. My comment was that Subaru seems to have one that works. Looking back, I think they should have spent the money.