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Hagerty Employee

What If? Quick Take: 2010 Honda S2000 Type R

Welcome to What If? Quick Take, a new feature from imaginative illustrator Abimelec Arellano and Hagerty. While the cars shown in our regular What If? features are full 3D renderings and can appear in any number of images, the Quick Takes are off-the-cuff expressions of Abimelec's imagination.
Advanced Driver

"the older, bigger, and profoundly less charming brother" Lmao you must have met my brother and I. Oh well, at least I have a motorcycle and he doesn't. That totally makes up for it right??
Intermediate Driver

The most famous strip club in the south would be Atlanta's "The Cheetah Lounge". It isn't across the street from the Varsity. It's up the street and around the corner. The Varsity is on North Ave and The Cheetah is on Spring St. And, dancers (Candy/Miranda or whatever her name is) don't leave the club to go across the street or anywhere else while they are working. As for the "bump", probably wouldn't have to leave the club for that anyway.

Sir this is fiction, regardless of what you may have seen or heard elsewhere!

Intermediate Driver

Of course it's fiction, Jack. And, I enjoy your writing immensely. Especially your Opinion pieces, and your fiction and your new car reviews, too.

Surely you must have encountered a film or a story, ostensibly taking place somewhere you are familiar with, and noticed the inaccuracies.

Did you happen to see the Netflix series "Ozark", for example? A lot of it was filmed in Georgia. How do I know? Well, I assure you the skyline of Chicago doesn't include the Peachtree Plaza Hotel and the IBM Tower.

And, all those shots of the lakes in the Ozarks with all that Georgia red clay at the waterline...sure looks a lot like Lake Lanier to me. It was.
Pit Crew

Seems like nearly everything is filmed in GA these days. I attribute it to the inclusivity of their voting laws.
And I was always more of a Gold Club guy meself.

Well, here's the embarrassing admission: I have gone from the Cheetah to the Varsity and vice versa several times, so I *should* know the geography of it. But instead I relied on my memory of the Cheetah being "just across the street". You're obviously right.

Now, as to dancers leaving the Cheetah in the middle of their shift to misbehave with customers... that I *will* vouch for, sadly.

My ABQ-born wife loves calling out all the times that Albuquerque is a stunt double for other cities on TV.

Does the fictional younger brother write pseudonymously as "Bike M"?