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Hagerty Employee

What if Alpine went maximum Kawasaki instead of "mini Ferrari"?

We Americans are deprived of a handful of fun enthusiasts cars which European drivers get to gleefully hoon about. The Alpine brand has caught our attention lately, since Renault CEO Luca de Meo told reporters last week, according to Automotive News, that he wants Alpine to produce a Ferrari competitor someday. We like the sound of that, even though this mythical car will likely never see roads on this side of the Atlantic. However, we've also got an alternative suggestion.


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Intermediate Driver

The Kawasaki idea sounds great.  BUT, to have a street car requiring 11,000 rpm to make it move will be a thrill for only serious manual transmission drivers.  Expect lots of oil use and clutch replacements.  HOWEVER, it would be FUN.

Advanced Driver

7/10 is  a pretty big fraction.